Preparing For An Early Surgical Abortion: What You Can Do

Preparing for a first trimester abortion involves going to an early surgical abortion clinic for quality care. An early surgical abortion is done early on in pregnancy before the second trimester begins and involves the removal of the fetus via suction. This procedure is done with great care and medical supervision and should always be performed in an early surgical abortion clinic and not elsewhere.

An abortion, like other surgical procedures, requires preparation. Unlike other surgical procedures, there may be emotional aspects of this type of surgery to consider in addition to the physical aspects. Here are things you can do to prepare for a surgical abortion.

Have distracting or entertaining material with you

While the actual procedure itself doesn't take a long time, the in-clinic preparation of receiving medications, having an ultrasound to determine pregnancy length, and receiving education about birth control can take up a large portion of your clinic visit. Bring reading material or a quiet hobby craft with you to distract you while you wait for your final procedure in the early abortion clinic.

Have a trusted friend or family member to assist you

When you get your early surgical abortion, you can have a person with you to support and assist you. This person should be someone you trust and feel comfortable around. You do not have to have someone with you during the actual procedure, but many clinics require you to have someone drive you home after you have had the surgery done.

Take a few days off work or school

Following your early surgical abortion, there will be a few days of cramping and discomfort ahead. You may experience bleeding or spotting for a while as your cervix and uterus return to their normal sizes. You may also want a few days to adjust to a new birth control if you opted to receive it after your early surgical abortion. Taking time to yourself to recover both physically and emotionally following your early surgical abortion is wise.

Reach out if you need help

The same abortion clinic you choose to have your early surgical abortion done at can assist you in getting counseling, birth control, and other resources if you need them. Reach out if you need help and you will receive quality mental and medical care to help guide you as you move forward with your reproductive health. An early surgical abortion can only be done in the first trimester of pregnancy, so if you are further along, speak to a medical professional about available options to you.

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Preparing for a first trimester abortion involves going to an early surgical abortion clinic for quality care. An early surgical abortion is done