Signs You Should Have Pregnancy Testing Done

If you think you are pregnant, the best way to find out for sure is to have pregnancy testing done. You can get free pregnancy testing at your local abortion clinic and pregnancy information clinic, or you get a pregnancy confirmation by contacting your local doctor. You can also buy a pregnancy test at your local grocery store. 

You should wait until you have had a missed period before having pregnancy testing done, but if you have had unprotected sex or had a birth control failure, then seek advice and medical solutions at your local pregnancy clinic or abortion facility. Depending on how far along you may be, you have various options to consider.

Here are signs you should have pregnancy testing done.

You have had unprotected sex

Even if your partner has pulled out or if you were using birth control (including the pill or a condom), if you feel you have had unprotected sex, then get a pregnancy test done near or after your expected period. A test may not show up positive right away but may take a few days to become positive. You can get free pregnancy testing if you cannot afford to pay for a test; speak to an abortion and pregnancy specialist to learn more.

You have missed your period

Missing your period is perhaps the most obvious sign you are pregnant, although it doesn't guarantee pregnancy. Stress, weight, illness, and even miscalculating ovulation can all lead to a 'missed' period. Taking a pregnancy test will let you know for sure if you are pregnant, and then you can decide what to do after you find out. Remember that the sooner you can identify if you are pregnant or not, the sooner you can take action and make decisions regarding your health.

You have pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms sometimes mimic classic ovulation or period symptoms, so don't make any assumptions about your health and condition until you have had a pregnancy test verification done. That being said, changes in breast size and tenderness, nausea, soreness and discoloration of the nipples and areola, and even cramps can all indicate early pregnancy. They can also be symptoms of other conditions, so start with pregnancy testing and then go from there.

Your doctor will work with you once you have your pregnancy testing done. In the end, your test can bring you peace of mind or at least confirm how you feel. You can use your pregnancy confirmation to help you make decisions about your health.

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