What Should You Expect During Early Surgical Abortion?

If you are considering early surgical abortion, you are not alone. Many people are considering the procedure, but they want to know what to expect. The procedure does not have to be intimidating, and knowing what to expect is half the battle.

Here's what you should know before an early surgical abortion.

When Can Early Surgical Abortion Be Performed?

Early surgical abortion is a procedure done during the first trimester. You can undergo the procedure, sometimes referred to as suction aspiration, in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Will You Receive Pain Medication for the Procedure?

Yes, you will be given pain medication to undergo the procedure, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. The doctor may provide you with oral medication or local anesthesia. You may also receive other medications as necessary to ensure that the procedure works.

What Happens During Early Surgical Abortion?

Early surgical abortion begins with taking medication. It will take some time for the pain medication to work, so you will rest for a while. You will be awake for the procedure, but you will be on medication that helps you avoid feeling much.

You will undress and get into a bed, where the doctor will examine you. Your doctor will use a speculum to look into the vaginal canal before cleaning and numbing the area. They will then dilate your cervix, a process you should not feel.

The doctor then inserts a tube into the uterus and uses suction to remove the tissue inside. This may induce some cramps. The procedure takes mere minutes, and it will be over quickly. You will then be able to recover.

How Can You Prepare for the Procedure?

One of the most important ways to prepare for the procedure is to understand and feel comfortable with your choice. Make sure that you are ready for the procedure by thinking about it carefully.

You should also prepare by ensuring that you have somebody available who can drive you home after the procedure. You will not be able to drive yourself, and you may not want to take public transportation.

Make an Appointment Today

If you are still very early in your pregnancy, you can make an appointment for an early surgical abortion. Call a clinic today to learn more about your options for moving forward with the procedure so that you can have all the time you need to make a decision.

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If you are considering early surgical abortion, you are not alone. Many people are considering the procedure, but they want to know what to expect. Th

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