Why Getting An Ultrasound Before An Abortion Can Be Helpful

When you go to an abortion clinic to have an abortion or to consider getting one, then it's wise to consider getting an ultrasound as part of the procedure. An ultrasound is something your abortion clinic doctor might recommend, or it might be required to offer as part of the abortion procedure, and while it might seem daunting and personal to have one of these procedures done, it can be beneficial and helpful to you as well. Here's why.

You can know for sure what you want to do

Getting an abortion is a very serious and personal decision that cannot be reversed once started. Every person has their own reason for getting an abortion, and yours is personal to you and should not be swayed. An ultrasound can help you finalize your decision and concrete your confidence in it by making your pregnancy very real on screen. If you are certain you want an abortion, seeing the ultrasound can give you the final confidence to surge forward.

If, however, you are unsure of the procedure, seeing the ultrasound can help you make your own personal decision once you see the fetus on a screen or hear a heartbeat. You can always change your mind when you go to an abortion clinic regardless of what your original decision is, and remember you are in control of your situation.

You can know that the procedure will be safe

If you are getting an abortion at a very early or later stage of pregnancy, an ultrasound can be necessary to determine how far along you are so the right abortion procedure can be done. This is to help protect you and keep you safe and move forward in the least physically stressful and most safe way possible. If you don't know how far along you are or want to know what your options are regarding an abortion — like taking the abortion pill or having a surgical solution done — then an ultrasound will help solidify which decision is best for you.

Your doctor will privately discuss your abortion options with you and you can decline an ultrasound if it's not required by law to have one done prior to abortion. Bring a trusted friend with you when you have your abortion appointment so you have someone to help you get to and from your appointment. Getting an abortion is a serious decision that you should feel comfortable with, and an ultrasound can help you feel this way.

Contact a clinic like Hope Pregnancy Center to learn more about ultrasounds.

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